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About dbtrains.com

The website dbtrains.com is a private initiative of one person: Joost Wilbrink.

Already from my childhood I became, heavily influenced by the pictures of the Märklin catalogue, fascinated by German railways, especially long-distance train traffic in German.

First it started as a (small) research of how to imitate long-distance train traffic on the modelrailroad as best as possible. Here I looked at locomotives, coaches, trainsets and combinations of the three. This started around 1997 and 1998. Soon the material was so interesting and because of a lack of most of the information on the internet I decided to start to publish the information in a structured way on the internet. That was how dbtrains.com started. I gave me good experience in website developing and it was also a good way of structuring the information I had gathered about the subject. The first website was launched in the spring of 2000.

With a "break" in the years 2003 and 2004 of not doing much on the website because of study and work, I decided to get back to the website in 2005. I restructured the website and implemented a new content management system in order to manage all publications in a better way (the first website was almost entirely "plain html").

Because I am doing this project in my spare time I removed all "expected to publish in..." messages. It can happen that there is some time between new publications will come online. Because the website is a private project with no commercial background all the benefits and rewards must come from the joy of working on it!

I hope you like the website and that you can find the information you are looking for!

Best regards
Joost Wilbrink (info@dbtrains.com)

The Netherlands, November 2005