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Dining coaches

The dining coaches WRt4üm-65 were originally built for services in tourist trains during peak seasons. The coaches were built in two series from 1965. Each serie contained 9 coaches. The coaches were built by WMD and Hansa. With the developments of the coaches were the BZA Minden and several travel agencies involved. Like the TEE dining coaches, these coaches were also 27,5 m long. Only these coaches hadn't a climat control installation like the TEE dining coaches. In the coaches was a large storage room especially for long journeys. On one side the coach had one loading door and at the other side 2 loading doors. The kitchen was the same kitchen as used in the so-called "Halbspeisewagens" of type ARmh 217, as well as the furniture of the restauration.

Technically the dining coaches are similar to the m-coaches, but then 27,5 meter long. The coaches were built of the stronger steel St 52. The coaches had also, in contrast with the other coaches, a stationary heating installation, so that the coaches could be heated without a locomotive. From 1966 the coaches were indicated as WRtm 134.

In 1983 the coaches 88-80 961, 962 and 965 were rebuilt to Kinderland coaches for services in FD trains. The rebuilt was done in the AW Neumünster. The coaches got the indication WRtmh 136. The storage room was rebuilt to a play room with a slide and a puppet theatre. One loading door was sealed and extra windows were made. The dining compartment was modified and modernised. The coaches were also in service in the EC trains Paris - Dortmund.

Aanduiding: WRt4üm-65 tot '66
WRtm 134 vanaf '66
Aantal gebouwd: 18
Bouwjaar: vanaf 1965
Gewicht: -
Asstand: 2.500 mm
Lengte: 27,5 m
Afstand tussen draaistel punten: 19 m
Breedte: 2,825 m
Hoogte: 4,05 m
Draaistellen: -
Maximum toegelaten snelheid: -