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BR 02

BR 02 steam locomotive of the DRG
BR 02 steam locomotive of the DRG
The BR 02 was built at the same time as the prototypes of locomotive BR 01. Actually the BR 02 was a prototype of the BR 01. The DRG had to decide to choose the BR 01 or the BR 02 for mass production. They finally chose for the BR 01.

The construction of the BR 02 was mostly identical to the construction of the BR 01. Apart from that, the BR 02 was a four cylinder locomotive and the BR 01 was a two cylinder locomotive. Due to the unfavorable steam channels, the DRG chose after all to built the BR 01. The series BR 02 consisted of the by Henschel built locomotives 02 001 upto 008 and the by Maffei built 02 009 and 02 010. These 10 locomotives had as maintainance facilities Bw Hof and had there service on the lines: Regensburg-Hof-Leipzig, München-Berlin and Hof-Dresden-Breslau.

Between 1937 and 1942 all locomotives were transformed at Raw Meiningen to two cylinder locomotives of the series BR 01. These locomotives were renumbered to 01 011 and 01 233 up to and including 01 241.

Axle layout: 2'C1'h4v
In service: 1925
Diameter driving wheels: 200 cm
Diameter carrying wheels: 850 mm/1250 mm

Lengte over de buffers
(met tender 2'2'T32):
23,75 meter
Top speed: 130 km/h
Power: 2300 pk/hp
Boiler pressure: 16 bar
Cylinder diameter: 65 cm, from the third series 60 cm:
Weight: 113,5 t


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