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BR 05

BR 05 003 with drivers cabine at the frontside
BR 05 003 with drivers cabine at the frontside
At the beginning of the thirties, the steam engine got thoroughly competitors in the form of electric locomotives and diesel electric trainsets. To not lagged behind, the steam engines had to ran faster. After a couple of tests with streamlined steam engines of type BR 03, Borsig built in 1935 three streamlined steam engines of type BR 05 with the numbers 05 001, 05 002 and 05 003. All these steam engines were three cylinder engines. On 11 May 1936 the 05 002 set a speed record with 200,4 km/h. This record resisted until it was broken by the English steam engine Mallard. This speed record was the highlight of the German locomotive industry. The streamline plates were all around the boiler and ended just above the railtracks. The driving wheels were accessible through shutters.

The 05 003 had as only steam engine the drivers cabin at the front, like the present electrical and diesel locomotives. That's why the BR 05 was a unique steam engine, as you can see here.

Type: 05-001/002 05-003
Axle layout: 2'C2'h3 2'C2'h2
In service: 1935 1937
Diameter driving wheels: 230 cm 230 cm
Diameter carrying wheels: 110 cm/110 cm 110 cm/110 cm
Length: 26.265 m (with tender 2'3 T 37 St): 27 m (with tender 2'3 T 35 Kst):
Top speed: 175 km/h 175 km/h
Power: 2360 pk/hp 2360 pk/hp
Boiler pressure: 16 bar 16 bar
Vaporize surface: 255,52 m2 255,52 m2
Cylinder diameter: 450 mm 450 mm
Weight (without tender): 118,5 t/118,6 t 129,5 t