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BR 13.16

The railways of Württemberg were returned to the 1B locomotive, as a result of this decision they had missed the development of steam engines deployed by other railway companies. When at the end of the century the weights of passenger trains are risen, the railways of Württemberg are forced to purchase new and more powerful locomotives. In 1899 the Maschinefabrik Esslingen made a 2'B n2v express train locomotive. This locomotive of type AD had driving wheels with a diameter of 1800 mm and a Heusinger mechanism. The second series was delivered from 1903 until 1907. A characteristic feature of this locomotive was the connection between both steam domes. Striking was that the steam engines had no central sand box, on the other hand the steam engines had on the left and on the right sand boxes which sanded the wheels.

The DRG took over 24 locomotives of the second series (built between 1903 and 1907). These locomotives got the type indication BR 13.16 with the numbers: 13 1601 up to 13 1624.

Drijfwerk: 2'B n2v
Indienststelling: 1899-1907
Diameter drijfwielen: 180 cm
Diameter loopwielen (voor/achter): 85 cm/-

Lengte over de buffers
(met tender wü. 2T10):
11,54 m
Maximumsnelheid: 100 km/h
Vermogen: 800 pk/hp
Keteldruk: 12 bar
Gewicht: 50,2 t