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BR 14.2

The locomotives of the Saxon State Railways type XV belonged to the first Atlantik-locomotives (steam engines with an axle layout 2'B1') in Middle-Europe. These steam engines were the biggest and first five axle locomotives in Saxon. The first XV was exhibited in 1900 at the world exhibition in Paris. Until 1903, Hartmann delivered 14 steam engines XV to the Saxon railways. The locomotives had their service mainly in express trains on the line Leizpig-Dresden. To achieve the top speed of 100-120 km/h they had driving wheels with a diameter of 1980 mm. The locomotive which was exhibited at the world exhibition in Paris had driving wheels with all similar diameters. This locomotive got in Paris the Grand Prix. The other 14 locomotives XV were equiped with two sorts of carrying wheels, at the front 1065 mm and at the rear 1260 mm diameter.

After all the steam engines did not satisfy the expectations, the boiler appeared to be too small. The locomotives were equiped with a "de-Glehn" driving transmission with a Heusinger mechanism.

The coal consumption and the running characteristics of these steam engines were very good. A locomotive XV was able to pull a train of 170 t on a flatland with a speed of 100 km/h. In the beginning of the twenties, the locomotives had their service on the line Dresden-Bodenbach.

The DRG took over all 15 locomotives and put them into service as BR 14.2 with the numbers: 14 201 up to 14 215, the locomotives were put out of service in 1926.

Drijfwerk: 2'B1' n4v
Indienststelling: 1900-1903
Diameter drijfwielen: 198 cm
Diameter loopwielen (voor/achter): 106,5 cm/126 cm

Lengte over de buffers
(met tender sä. 2'2'T18):
19,565 m
Maximumsnelheid: 100 km/h
Keteldruk: 15 bar
Gewicht: 69,4t