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BR 15

After the turn of the century the Bavarian State Railways ordered by Maffei express train locomotives who were capable for speed of 150 km/h. These steam engines were constructed and built in a very short time. In 1905 the design stage began and on 3 May 1906 Maffei delivered the first locomotive S 2/6 with the number 3201. The constuctor Anton Hammel had used all the available modern characteristics, the steam engine was equiped with a four cylinder superheated transmission. To lower the air resistance there were spoilers fixed on the boiler, chimney, frontskirts and the cabin.

In July 1907 the locomotive ran 154,5 km/h on the line München-Augsburg. The was a German speed record for steam engines. In comparison with the S 2/5, the S 2/6 had driving wheels with a diameter of 2200 mm, 200 mm bigger than the S 2/5.

In 1910 the S 2/6 came to Bw Ludwigshafen and had his service on the lines to Straßburg and Bingerbrück. There is only one locomotive S 2/6 built ever.

The DRG took over this locomotive and put them into service with number 15 001. In 1925 this steam engine was set aside and was handed over to the traffic museum in Nürnberg were it stands nowadays beside the 05 001.

S 2/6
S 2/6

Axle layout: 2'B2' h4v
In service: 1906
Diameter driving wheels: 220 cm
Diameter carrying wheels: 100,6 cm/100,6 cm

Lengte over de buffers
(met tender bay. 2'2'T26):
21,182 m
Top speed: 150 km/h
Boiler pressure: 14 bar
Weight: 83,4 t