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BR 18.0

As successor for the steam locomotives of type XVII H, the Saxon State Railways ordered by Hartmann in Chemnitz a 2'C1' express train locomotive. This was after that negotiations got stuck with J.A.Maffei in München, these negotiations were going about the building of the S 3/6 in licence. The driving transmission of the new locomotives cared for a good weight compensation and cared also for a good acceleration. The locomotives of type XVIII H were built between 1917 and 1918. These locomotives were a combination of Bavarian and Prussian steam locomotives. The boilers were constructed to South-German model, and the driving transmission was built to Prussian model. The locomotives were able to pull a train of 430 ton with a speed of 100 km/h. The locomotives got the numbers 196 up to 205.

In service at the DRG

The DRG took over all ten locomotives and put them into service as BR 18.0 with the numbers: 18 001 up to 18 010. The locomotives had their service on the lines to Berlin, Leipzig, Cottbus, Bodenbach and Breslau. Due to the excellent performance of the locomotives, the DRG raised the train weight to 550 ton. Also the top speed was increased from 100 km/h to 120 km/h.

In service at the Deutsche Reichsbahn (DDR)

After the second world war the locomotives were entering service at the DR in the former DDR. The DR had took over all locomotives 18.0 except the destroyed 18 002. The locomotives had their service on the lines: Dresden-Magdeburg, Dresden-Seddin and Dresden-Güstrow. Between 1961 and 1965 all locomotives were set aside and were definitely rejected in 1968.

Drijfwerk: 2'C1' h3
Indienststelling: 1917-1918
Diameter drijfwielen: 190,5 cm
Diameter loopwielen (voor/achter): 106,5 cm/126 cm

Lengte over de buffers
(met tender sä. 3T12):
Maximumsnelheid: 120 km/h
Vermogen: 104 kN
Keteldruk: 14 bar
Verdampingsoppervlak: 205,14 m2
Gewicht: 93,55 t