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BR 18.5

When they just started with the construction of the standard design steam locomotives, the idea was to rebuilt all mainlines to be suitable for trains with an axle load of 20 ton. But because these rebuilding works took more time than they thought, the DRG ordered at Maffei a continuation series of the bay. S 3/6, to ride trains on mainlines with an axle load of 18 ton.

Maffei delivered in 1927 the production series l with 12 locomotives (the 18 509 up to 18 520) and in 1927/28 the series m with 8 locomotives (the 18 521 up to 18 528). The diameter of the cylinders was increased from 425 mm to 440 mm.

Due to the bankruptcy of Maffei, Maffei could only made of the series n the 18 529 and the 18 530. Henschel took over the construction and delivered in 1930/31 the series o with the remaining 18 locomotives (the 18 531 up to 18 548). The locomotives 18 538 and 18 548 got the new developed tender bay. 2'2T 31,7.

Outside Bavarian the BR 18.5 was maintained in the Bw Mainz, Bw Wiesbaden, Bw Darmstadt, Bw Halle, Bw Osnabrück and Bw Bingerbrück. The 18 528 is now standing as a monument in München-Allach in front of the mainbuilding of Krauss-Maffei AG.

Axle layout: 2'C1' h4v
In service: 1927-1931
Diameter driving wheels: 187 cm
Diameter carrying wheels: 95 cm/120,6 cm

Lengte over de buffers
(met tender bay. 2'2'T31,7):
22,862 m
Top speed: 120 km/h
Power: 1830 pk/hp
Boiler pressure: 16 bar
Weight: 96,2t