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E 05

As an alternative for the E 04, the DRG ordered the express train locomotive E 05. In Oktober 1933 two 05 locomotives, namely the E 05 001 and E 05 002 were put into service from the Bw Leipzig Hbf West. The locomotives were used in the same circulation as the E 04. In November 1933 the third E 05 locomotive was delivered. This third locomotive, the E 05 103 was built for a maximum speed of 130 km/h. The electrical installation was identical to the other E 05 locomotives. This locomotives was also stationed in the Bw Leipzig Hbf West.

In service at the Deutsche Reichsbahn (DDR)

After the war the locomotives were in good condition. Because that, all three locomotives were took along by the Soviets in September 1946. The E 05 002 returned in the fall of 1952, the E 05 103 returned in 1952 to the DR. The E 05 103 was put into service in the passenger train services and was finally set aside in 1968.

Axle layout 1'Co1'
In service: 1933
Diameter driving wheels: 140 cm
Diameter carrying wheels: 100 cm/100 cm
Length: 15,400m
Top speed: 110 km/h
Power: 2160 kW @ 97,0 km/h
Torque: 155 kN
Tension: 15 kV ~/16 2/3 Hz
Weight: 89,0 t