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BR 05

After the founding of the DB the locomotive collection was examined to take out inefficient locomotives. The DB decided to take out the locomotives from which there were only three or four. The steam engine BR 05 was taken out of service with this decision. But at the last moment the DB decided not to take them out of service. The steam engines BR 05 were sent to Kraus-Maffei where they were restored. The condition of these steam engines was relatively good, the streamline plates were already removed in 1944. First the BR 05 003 was sent to Kraus-Maffei and came back in 1950 to the DB. In 1951 the other two steam engines came back to the DB. The 05 003 was restored in the Bw Hamm. In 1958 all three locomotives were taken out of service. Due to the reduce of the boiler pressure in 1950 to 16 bar, these steam engines had lost many of their power.

Steam engine BR 05 001 is preserved and you can see this steam engine in the traffic museum of Nürnberg.

BR 05 001
BR 05 001

Type: 05 001/002 05 003
Axle layout: 2'C2'h3 2'C2'h3
In service: 1935 1937
Diameter driving wheels: 230 cm 230 cm
Diameter carrying wheels: 110 cm/110 cm 110 cm/110 cm
Length: 26,265 cm
(met tender 2'3 T 37 St):
27,00 cm
(met tender 2'3 T 35 Kst):
Top speed: 175 km/h 175 km/h
Power: 2360 pk/hp 2360 pk/hp
Boiler pressure: 16 bar  
Vaporize surface: 255,52 m2 255,52 m2
Cylinder diameter: 45 cm 45 cm
Weight (without tender): 118,5/118,6 t 129,5 t