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E 320

The first multisystem locomotives of the DB were the locomotives class E 320. In October 1957, the DB gave the commission for the development of multisystem locomotives. These locomotives were meant for the crossing border services to France.

The multisystem locomotive E 320 21 in Aw München-Freimann, December 1959
The multisystem locomotive E 320 21 in Aw München-Freimann, December 1959
From a mechanical point of view the locomotives were almost the same as the standard design locomotives class E 10 and E 40. But regarding the traction aspects the locomotives distinquised themselves from the locomotives E 10 and E 40. The locomotives E 320 were equiped with so-called "Tatzlager" transmissions and silicium DC converters. The AC from the catenary was convertered to DC and feed to the driving motors. In total there are only three locomotives class E 320 built ever, namely the E 320 01, E 320 11 and the E 320 21. All three locomotives were built by different manufacturers. The locomotives were equiped with two different pantographs, one for the DB network and one for the SNCF network. The switching of the system at the borders was done manually. The E 320 01 was built by AEG and was equiped with an electro-hydraulic switch. The E 320 11 and E 320 12 were equiped with a high tension switch.

The locomotives were entering service in 1960 and were in service for 20 years on the line Homburg-Saarbrücken-Forbach(-Metz). The line was electrified in Germany with 15 kV/16 2/3 Hz AC and in France with 25 kV/50 Hz AC. Initially the locomotives were also suitable for services on the Höllental line which was electrified with 20 kV/50 Hz AC. This configuration was later shut down. The experenciences done with the driving motors were not so good, so these were later replaced by other ones.

The locomotives were renumbered in 1968 to BR 182. The locomotives were taken out of service in 1977 (182 001), 1978 (182 011) and in 1982 (182 021). The mechanical part of locomotive 182 001 was used by AEG for a test locomotive for tests with three-phase current. This locomotive, with eye-catching red and white strokes on the sides was used from 1981 by AEG.

Axle layout Bo'Bo'
In service: 1959/60
Diameter driving wheels: 125 cm
Length: 16,49 m
Number of motors: 4
Tension: 15 kV ~/16 2/3 Hz en
25 kV ~/50 Hz