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VT 04 000 a/b

After the second world war, the VT 877 was stationed in Bw Landau (Pfalz). Before entering the service, the seat arrangement was modified. Besides second class seats the train got third class seats (BC3ü, B3ü). The train became at the Bw Offenburg a new wine red color and got the new numbers VT 04000 a/b after the renumbering in 1947. The trainset went into service between Basel Bad Bahnhof and Frankfurt (Main) as the "Schnelltriebwagen Rhein-Main" with the trainnumbers FDt 77/78. Unfortunately the service of this trainset was very short. After the incorporating of the Südwestdeutschen Eisenbahnen, which was situated in the former French occupation zone, the SVT was reentering service again. After a thoroughly overhaul of both units, the SVT was entering service as a whole second class train on 31 Oktober 1952 from depot Bw Dortmund Bdf. But at 4 December 1954 the trainset collided with a steam engine at Cochem. The trainset was repaired. In the meantime the trainset changed from depot between Frankfurt-Griesheim and Dortmund Bbf. On 26 May 1956 the trainset was finally went out of service at Bw Hamburg-Altona. And so it came to an end of the era of the "Fliegender Hamburgers".

Now the trainset belongs to the traffic museum of Nürnberg. But only the a-unit is preserved, the b-unit with the middle bogie and the electric motors is missing. There was not enough money to preserve the b-unit, so the b-unit is demolished in 1961.

Type nr: VT 04000
Bauart: Fliegender Hamburger
Betriebsgattung: B6vT (from 1956: APw 6yk)
Skizzenblattnummer: B6üvT-32
In service: 1932
Manufacturer: WUMAG
Axle layout: 2'Bo'2'
Gauge: 1435 mm
Length: 41,906 m
Weight: 93,8 t
Traction: Dieselelektrisch


Aantal: 2
Fabrikant: Maybach
Vermogen: 302 kW
(bij 1400 tpm)
Speed: 150/160 km/h