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VT 04.1/VT 04.5

The following SVT trainsets were handed over to the DB: SVT 137 149, 152, 227, 231, 232. The DB transformed the SVT 137 227 to a trainset with hydraulic transmission. The trainset got the number SVT 04 105. After that, the trainset was renumbered to VT 04 501 and entered service in F-trains and TEE-trains services. The SVT trainsets 137 149, 152, 231, 232 were first renumbered to SVT 04 101, 102, 106, 107, and then renumbered to VT 04 101, 102, 106, 107. The trainsets entered service from Bw Frankfurt/Main-Griesheim, Stuttgart and Bielefeld and Bw München-Pasing. The VT 04 101 was taken out of service in 1955. The SVT trainsets who were given back to the DB were never entered service.

The transformed trainset VT 04 501 was beneath the windows darkblue and around the windows gray. There was a grey band under the windows and above the skirts and on the roofline. The inscriptions: "DEUTSCHE BUNDESBAHN" were standing on the left side of each unit.

In 1954 one could see the SVT with the usually wine red colour. Above the skirts, interrupted by the coupling there was a band of light colour. In 1957 the trainsets rode without inscriptions, but only with the DB logo under the middle window.

Type nr: VT 04.1/04.5
Bauart: Hamburg
Betriebsgattung: B6vT
Skizzenblattnummer: B6vT-34
In service: 1935-36
Manufacturer: WUMAG
Axle layout: 2'Bo'2'
Gauge: 1435 mm
Length: 44,956 m
Weight: 100 t
Traction: Dieselelektrisch


Aantal: 2
Fabrikant: Maybach
Vermogen: 302 kW
(bij 1400 tpm)
Speed: 160 km/h
Number of seats: 77 (1st class)