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VT 06.1/VT 06.5

In service at the Deutsche Bundesbahn

The SVT of type "Köln" from the DB had roughly the same colouring as at the DRG. The sidewalls and the fronts were painted in dark blue, along the windows was a grey coloured band. Beneath the windows and above the skirts was a thin gray band, like the band under the roof. Under the windows of the middle coach was put the inscription "DEUTSCHE BUNDESBAHN". In 1953, the first SVT trainsets were in the new wine red colour. Above the skirts, only interrupted by the couplers, was under and above the windows a light grey band. In 1958 the inscription "DEUTSCHE BUNDESBAHN" disappeared from the trainsets. Instead there came the DB logo which was under the middle window.

Nine trainsets were in the western occupation zones and were later handed over to the DB, where they got in 1947 new numbers: SVT 137 275 (SVT 06 102), 137 276 (06 103), 137 277 (06 104), 137 851(06 106), 137 853 (06 107), 137 854 (06 108), 137 856 (06 109), 137 857 (06 110) and 137 858 (06 111). From 1948 onwards the indication "SVT" changed into "VT". And from then the motorcars were turned, VTa became VTb and VTb became VTa. SVT trainsets 137 851, 853, 854 and 856 were in service for the American armed forces.

In 1951 the DB transformed the VT 06 102 (SVT 137 275) and the VT 06 111 (SVT 137 858) to diesel hydraulic transmission, they got the numbers: VT 06 501 and VT 06 502. These trainsets had diesel engines of type "GTO 6" from Maybach in both powered bogies. The hydraulic transmissions were of type "T 24a" (560 S) and they were also equiped with "Voith-Radsatzgetriebe" of type "T 04". With this modification the bogies without power became powered bogies and the powered bogies became bogies without power. Striking for the SVT of the DB were the side windows in the cabins. The trainsets of the armies were stationed at Bw Frankfurt-Griesheim and Stuttgart, and the trainsets for the civil services were stationed at Dortmund Bbf.

In may 1951 the modified trainsets were entered into service in the long-distance services between Köln and Hannover and between Düsseldorf and Basel. Till Mainz, the trainsets were riding together as four trainsets, also with other types of SVT trainsets. In Mainz a couple of trainsets were going to Nürnberg and München. The top speed was 140 km/h and often the trains were not riding faster than 120 km/h. Train F 14 reached between Hamm and Bielefeld in 1958 the fastest average travel speed in Germany after the war, a speed of 115 km/h. The last SVT trainsets were stationed in Bw-Köln-Nippes, Dortmund Bbf and Frankfurt-Griesheim, and were set aside in 1963. The two motorcars of SVT 137 277 were bought back by Linke-Hofmann-Busch in Salzgitter and were renovated and is exhibited under the false number SVT 137 851 in the company museum.

The trainsets SVT 137 275, SVT 137 853, SVT 137 854 and the SVT 137 858 were sold in 1958 to the DR. Negotiations about the selling of more SVT trainsets were broke off in September 1961. From trainset SVT 137 851 (VT 06 106) the VTa and the VMc went as clubhouse to the railway sport association in Konstanz, and the VTb was going to the railway fishing association in Lübeck, which set it in the harbor of Travemünde as clubhouse. The rest of the trainsets was demolished.

Type nr: VT 06.1/06.5
Bauart: Köln
Betriebsgattung: B12KvT
Skizzenblattnummer: WRBPw12vTK-35
In service: 1938
Manufacturer: LHW
Axle layout: 2'Bo'+2'2'+Bo'2'
Gauge: 1435 mm
Length: 70,205 m
Weight: 160 t
Traction: Dieselelektrisch


Aantal: 2
Fabrikant: Maybach
Vermogen: 442 kW
(bij 1400 tpm)
Speed: 160 km/h
Number of seats: 132 2th class