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VT 07.5

In service at the Deutsche Bundesbahn

The Deutsche Bundesbahn let the coaches undergo a overhaul in 1951. At the same time the DB ordered by WMD in Donauwörth two new power cars. With these new power cars the DB constructed two new three-unit trainsets of type VT 07 501 and VT 07 502. Both with diesel hydraulic transmission and suitable for speeds up to 120 km/h. The trainsets retained their pre-war construction, but the trainsets "Berlin" consisted only of a VT, VM and a VS. They returned to the concept of fast running diesel engines, but now with hydraulic transmission. The DB could choose from three engines, all 12-cylinder diesel engines with turbo. The could choose from a "MB 820 Ab" from Daimler-Benz, the "L12 V 17,5/21 B" from MAN and the "MD 650" from Maybach. The first two engines had a power of 590 kW, the last had a power of 590 kW at 1400 rpm and 735 kW at 1500 rpm. Unfortunately the literature didn't mentioned which engine was chosen. The engines and the transmissions were accommodated in the end bogie of the VTa.

Both SVT trainsets of the DB had only second class compartments, the seats arrangement was 0+3. The VTa had five compartments with a total of 30 seats, so the power cars were not as at the DRG, only intended to carry the engines. The VMb had nine compartments with 54 seats and the VSc had two compartments with 6 seats, an office compartment with five seats and a dining compartment with 29 seats with bar and kitchen. After the renovation of the trainsets in 1956 the VSc had only compartments with 6 seats and a conference room with five chairs, an office compartment and a dining compartment with 29 seats with bar and kitchen. Both SVT trainsets were equiped with a intercom installation.

VT 07.5 in service as TEE train
VT 07.5 in service as TEE train
Originally the colouring of the SVT trainsets was wine red. Until 1956 the trainsets carried the inscriptions "DEUTSCHE BUNDESBAHN". To avoid confusion with DSG (Deutsche Schlaffwagen und Speisewagen Gesellschaft) coaches, the DB tried a couple of color combinations. Finally they choosed for the dark red color (RAL 3004). Both trainsets changed regular from maintenance facilities. The trainsets were at Frankfurt/Main-Griesheim, Dortmund Bbf, Hamburg Altona and Köln-Nippes. The trainsets had their service in the long-distance traffic, from 1952 in the Rheinblitz services (FT 7/8, 27/28, 37/38) and from 1954 as FT 138/137 Dortmund-München. Partly the trainsets rode on the lines were the newly built trainsets VT 08.5 were riding too. And the trainsets were used in the TEE services, only for TEE service 77/78. On 4 July 1960 both SVT trainsets were put out of service due to many defects in the old SVT parts. Negotiations with the Westfälische Landeseisenbahn (to use the train with a diesel locomotive) and the Deutsche Reichsbahn from the former DDR got stranded. So the SVT trainsets "Berlin" were demolished on 7 September 1961, only the power cars were preserved for usage of parts.

Type nr: VT 07.5
Bauart: -
Skizzenblattnummer: -
In service: 1951
Manufacturer: MAN, WMD
Axle layout: B'2'+2'2'+'2'2'
Gauge: 1435 mm
Length: 69,750 m
Weight: 146 t
Traction: Dieselhydraulisch


Aantal: 1
Fabrikant: Maybach
Vermogen: 736 kW
(bij 1500 tpm)
Speed: 120 km/h
Number of seats: 90 (1st class)