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Epoch III

A new start
The first trains after the war
The first network of long-distance trains
Moving forward, more trains, more comfort, more regularity
Pre war rolling stock again in service
The start of an international long-distance network
The blue network of fast express trains
The modern era, the rise of electric locomotives
The modern diesel locomotive is coming
A new class of coaches
The third class is abandoned
The last new steam engine
A new prestious network, the Trans Europ Express
The Rheingold, from 1962 again exclusive
A new star on rails, the electric locomotive E 03

The third class is abandoned

From 1956 the DB abandoned the third class, the second and first class became the new first class and the third class became the new second class. The coaches were changed as follows:

  • A (1st class) coaches remained A coaches
  • AB (1st/2st class) coaches became A coaches
  • ABC (1st/2st/3st class) coaches became AB coaches
  • B (2st class) coaches became A coaches
  • BC (2st/3st class) coaches became AB coaches
  • C (3st class) coaches became B coaches
  • CL (3st class sleepingcoach) coaches became Bc coaches

Obviously in 1956 the DB introduced also a new numbering scheme, the new numbering scheme can be found here (). Also the scheme of capital letters changed slightly, here you can find an overview of all letters as used from 1956 (Overview of letter indications in epoch III after 1956).

The example as used in the beginning, was now changed to A4ü-28, an entirely first class coach. The numbers were unchanged. From 1962 luggagecoaches were not anymore indicated with the letters "Pw" but with the letter "D". From 1965 the number of axles was only indicated when it was not 4. Coaches with 2 axles got now the number 2 in their indication. The example was now changed to Aü-28.