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Bauart 1931

Coaches Bauart 1931

Coaches Bauart 1931

Due to the crisis there was only a small coach buildingprogram in 1931.

The third class was changed in coaches of Bauart 1931, so that the impression of the interiors was more friendly. The compartment walls were covered with oak and were varnished so that the difference with the other classes was lesser. The coaches had the same characteristics as the coaches of Bauart 1928.


Of this coach C4ü-31 is only one coach built by Wegmann, the indication of the coach was changed in 1941 to C4ü-28. See also C4ü-28 for more specifications.

The two other coaches (16 519 and 16 520) were test coaches. The two coaches had a chassis and upperstructure which were welded. Both coaches were equiped with bogies of type Görlitz III Schwer, for the first time these bogies were welded instead of a construction with nails and rivets.

The two test coaches remained C4ü-31.

Number: Manufacturer:
Delivered in:
16 518 Wegmann 1931 II 1932
16 519 Wegmann 1931 II 1932/33
16 520 Wegmann 1931 II 1932/33