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Luggage coaches

D4üm-60/Düm 902
Düms 905


At the time that the DB developed the express train coaches, they also developed luggage coaches of type "m". In 1954 a prototype was built on the basis of a yl-coach, and in 1960 a prototype was built on the basis of a m-coach. Between 1960 and 1972 the DB ordered 356 luggage coaches. The luggage coaches got a frame which was asymmetric. On both sides of the coach were two rolling doors of each 2500 mm width. Also the coach corridors were closed by a rolling door. The luggage coaches had all four customs compartments.

Technically speaking the coaches are falling under the coaches of Bauart 1962.

D4üm-60/Düm 902

The first serie of luggage coaches were the luggage coaches Pw4ü-60. After 1962 the coaches were indicated as D4üm-60 and from 1966 as Düm 902. These coaches were equiped with bogies MD 33 and were suitable for speeds of 140 km/h.

Aanduiding: D4üm-60 tot '66
Düm 902 vanaf '66
Aantal gebouwd: 179+1
Bouwjaar: vanaf 1960
Gewicht: -
Asstand: 2.500 mm
Lengte: 26,4 m
Afstand tussen draaistel punten: 19 m
Breedte: 2,825 m
Hoogte: 4,05 m
Draaistellen: MD 33
Maximum toegelaten snelheid: 140 km/h

Düms 905

From 1969 the luggage coaches Düms 905 were built. The coaches were more modern and had now disc brakes and were characterised by their straight roofends, also the bogies had a modified suspension. In total there are made 177 coaches of this type. A part of the coaches is suitable for speeds of 200 km/h. From 1992 the steam heating is removed like it happened with a lot of other express train coaches in epoch V, also the numbers were changed with this modification.

Indication: Düms 905
Total build: 177
Year of construction: vanaf 1969
Weight: -
Gauge: 2.500 mm
Length: 26,4 m
Distance between bogie points: 19 m
Width: 2,825 m
Height: 4,05 m
Bogies: MD 33
Maximum permitted speed: 140/200 km/h