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Rheingold/TEE coaches



The Rheingold/TEE coaches are classified to type, for which train type they were build originally is mentioned between brackets:

The first Rheingold/TEE coaches were initially built for the Rheingold trains which entered service in 1962 with again exclusive rolling stock. Originally there were 10 compartment coaches, 5 salon coaches, 2 dining coaches and 3 panorama coaches built for the Rheingold trains. The DB could form 2 complete Rheingold trains with in total 307 seats in each train.

A year later the DB decided to built for the Rheinpfeil a number of the same coaches as for Rheingold. The Rheinpfeil was a train which rode mainly the same route as the Rheingold. For the Rheinpfeil were built 12 compartment coaches, 6 salon coaches, 3 dining coaches and 2 panorama coaches.

The coaches which were built for these trains were provided with a blue/ivory white coloring. Because of the fact that at the same time only trainsets were in service on the TEE relations, it was not the intention of the DB to put the coaches also in the TEE services. So both trains (Rheingold and Rheinpfeil) were F-trains.

With the summer timetable of 1965 both trains became TEE trains. Also in 1964 and 1965 were coaches built, 14 compartment coaches, 14 salon coaches, 5 dining coaches (other type than built for Rheingold/Rheinpfeil) and 5 bar coaches were built for the TEE trains Blauer Enzian and Helvetia. These new 38 coaches were immediately delivered in the TEE colors bordeaux red ivory white.

The coaches built for Rheingold and Rheinpfeil were also painted in 1966 in the TEE coloring. In that time you could see TEE trains with coaches in TEE livery and coaches in the old blue/ivory coloring.

Later there came more and more TEE trains with coaches (instead of trainsets) and there were more and more coaches built. So there was no specific distinction between Rheingold coaches and TEE coaches. Until 1976 there are in total 402 TEE coaches first class built of type "Rheingold", which were also used from 1971 in the InterCity network. Besides this type, there were also 100 Eurofima coaches and 212 dining and bar coaches built for TEE and later InterCity trains. In the eighties these first class TEE/InterCity coaches made 1/30 part of all passenger coaches of the DB. After more than 30 years, these coaches are still modern and elegant.

Above are all Rheingold/TEE coaches listed which were made during epoch III. Clicking on each type brings you to the specific page about the coach where you can find information about the different types. Below are the common characteristics listed of all Rheingold/TEE coaches.