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BR 17.6

After the turn of the century the double coupled steam locomotives of the Saxon State Railways were not any more sufficient for service in express trains. Because of that there was need for three times coupled locomotives with higher power. With these new 2'C steam locomotives, the non-superheated principle was not anymore applied. Within three years they developed the series XII H, the XII HV (BR 17.7) and the XII H1 (BR 17.8). In 1905 the Saxon State Railways ordered by Hartmann six 2'C h4 locomotives of type XII H who were delivered in 1906 with the numbers: 1 up to 6. Characteristic for these locomotives was the cabin with the wind spoilers, and the intermediate pipe between both steam domes. All four cylinders were coupled with the first driving axle. In comparison with the other 2'C express train locomotives, the series XII H had the highest coal consumption and was not further ordered.

In service at the DRG

The DRG took over 6 steam locomotives and put them into service as BR 17.6 with the numbers: 17 601 up to 17 606. Between 1926 and 1928 the steam locomotives were set aside. Only the 17 604 survived as "Heizlok" the second world war and was in 1956 demolished in Bw Dresden-Pieschen.

Drijfwerk: 2'C h4
Indienststelling: 1906
Diameter drijfwielen: 190,5 cm
Diameter loopwielen (voor/achter): 106,5 cm/-

Lengte over de buffers
(met tender sä. 2'2'T28):
20,780 m
Maximumsnelheid: 100 km/h
Vermogen: 93 kN
Keteldruk: 15 bar
Gewicht: 78,3 t