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E 15

Borsig and SSW delivered in November 1927 the express train locomotive E 18 01 to the Bw Leipzig Hbf West. The locomotive had four driven axles and got in 1935 the indication E 15 01. Because there were two powered axles and one axle without power in each bogie the locomotive had good riding qualities especially in curves. On the straight line the locomotives had a little tend to sling. To improve, this a couple of modifications followed to the suspension of the bogies. This was done in the thirties. Because the experiences with the E 15 were not so good as with the E 21, there was no serie delivering of the E 15. After experimental services in the beginning of the thirties with the E 15 in the hills, the locomotive was going to Leipzig and from 1936 it was stationed in Bw Halle.

In service at the Deutsche Reichsbahn (DDR)

After the second world war the locomotive was transported to the Sovjet Union. It returned in 1952 to the DR in the former DDR.

Axle layout (1'Bo)(1'Bo1')
In service: 1927
Diameter driving wheels: 140 cm
Diameter carrying wheels: 100 cm/100 cm
Length: 16,836 m
Top speed: 110 km/h
Power: 2760 kW @ 85,0 km/h
Torque: 205 kN
Tension: 15 kV ~/16 2/3 Hz
Weight: 103,5 t