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E 16.5

The electrical locomotive E 16.5 was built and delivered as only one locomotive by Borsig (construction) and SSW (electrical installation). It was delivered in 1928. The locomotive was stationed in Bw Leipzig Hbf West and got number E 16 101. This divergent number (one should expect that is had to be number E 16 501) was because number E 16 01 already existed, and because this locomotive was so different than the E 16 and E 16.1, this locomotive had to got a different number, that's why they choose for E 16.5 with number E 16 101. After a long testperiod from 1930 until the end of 1934 in the hills near RBD Breslau, the locomotive was put into service in Middle Germany. The running of this locomotives was worser than the E 15, so the DRG raised the top speed of this locomotive in 1934 to 120 km/h. The transformer and the step by step regulation with 21 steps were the same as the one of the E 15.

In service at the Deutsche Reichsbahn (DDR)

The locomotive came unscathed out of the war and was transported in 1946 to the Sovjet Union. In November 1952 the locomotive was came back and it was lined up in Magdeburg Buckau. In 1957 the locomotive was used as study object for the highschool of Dresden. The locomotive was used for this purpose until the end of sixties and was demolished in 1972.

Axle layout 1'Do1'
In service: 1928
Diameter driving wheels: 140 cm
Diameter carrying wheels: 100 cm/100 cm
Length: 16,960 m
Top speed: 110 km/h, from 1934 120 km/h
Power: 2800 kW @ 89,5 km/h
Torque: 205kN
Tension: 15 kV ~/16 2/3 Hz
Weight: 106,6 t