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BR 14.3

The Saxon State Railways developed in the years 1906 and 1909 three version of a 2'C express train locomotive (the BR 17.6, BR 17.7 and the BR 17.8). These types of locomotives were full filling the needs for a long time. Nevertheless they had developed in 1909 a express train locomotive of the Atlantik type. The new locomotives got the boiler of the XII H1 (BR 17.8) and a superheated transmission. The steam engines got the indication X H1. The driving wheels had a diameter of 2000 mm and because of that the locomotives was very suitable for the flatlands especially the lines from Dresden to Leipzig and Berlin.

Hartmann delivered in 1909 13 locomotives (numbers: 81 up to 93), in 1913 followed again five locomotives (numbers: 94 up to 98). The locomotives were able to pull a train of 440 ton on a flatland with a speed of 100 km/h. The X H1 was one of the strongest German Atlantik locomotives.

The DRG took over 17 locomotives of type X H1 and put them into service as BR 14.3 with the numbers: 14 301 up to 14 317. The locomotives were set aside in 1926 and 1929.

Drijfwerk: 2'B1' h2
Indienststelling: 1909-1912
Diameter drijfwielen: 200 cm
Diameter loopwielen (voor/achter): 106,5 cm/126 cm

Lengte over de buffers
(met tender sä. 2'2'T21):
19,695 m
Maximumsnelheid: 100 km/h
Keteldruk: 12 bar
Vermogen: 800 pk/hp
Gewicht: 70,1 t