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Epoch II

The rise of the long-distance railroad traffic
A new era, a new generation of coaches
Standard design locomotives
Service on a high level, the Mitropa
The rise of a trainlegend
A new numbering scheme for passenger cars
Beginning of the modern age, electric locomotives
A new idea, the SVT
The competitor of the SVT, the Henschel-Wegmann-Zug
Result of renewal: the Sch�rzenwagen
The temporarily ending

A new era, a new generation of coaches

When in 1922 all former state railway coaches were classified in the new numbering scheme, the DRG started with the "Einheitswagen-programm". Many coaches were produced in many varieties in this program during the years 1921 upto 1942.

Between these new express train coaches you can distinguish mainly three generations. Firstly the Hechtcoaches (Pikecoaches), secondly the coaches Bauart '28-'37 and thirdly the Schürzenwagens (skirted coaches). Between these three generations you can distinguish the Bauarten. These Bauarten characterised little modifications between the coaches. These Bauarten were built in a so called "Fahrzeugprogramm".

From 1921 until 1926 the Hechtcoaches were built. These coaches were built of iron and from 1926 they were built from steel. These coaches were characterised by the coach ends. The ends where the entrance doors were located became smaller towards the end. These coaches were fastened together with rivets.

The following types of coaches (Hechtcoaches build between 1921 and 1926)were built between 1921 until 1926. More information about these coaches can be found by the Hechtcoaches and standard design coaches.