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Epoch II

The rise of the long-distance railroad traffic
A new era, a new generation of coaches
Standard design locomotives
Service on a high level, the Mitropa
The rise of a trainlegend
A new numbering scheme for passenger cars
Beginning of the modern age, electric locomotives
A new idea, the SVT
The competitor of the SVT, the Henschel-Wegmann-Zug
Result of renewal: the Schürzenwagen
The temporarily ending

Standard design locomotives

After the founding of the DRG in 1924 the former state railway locomotives were becoming older. The DRG began to think of replacement of the old locomotives who were pulling the long-distance trains. The cost of maintenance of many old locomotives were very high. Therefore the DRG decided to built in the next years a number of standard design locomotives for passenger and cargo trains. On this website we only discuss the locomotives for the passenger trains.

Streamlined steamlocomotive BR 01.10
Streamlined steamlocomotive BR 01.10
In 1925 they started to build the locomotive BR 01.0-2. They built 231 locomotives of type BR 01 until 1935. In 1925 there were 10 locomotives built of type BR 02, this type was actually a prototype of the BR 01. Most of the standard design locomotives in Germany were built in the thirties. Between 1930 and 1935 there were 298 locomotives built of type BR 03.0-2. At the end of the thirties there was need for express train locomotives which had a maximum speed of 150 km/h. Because the fast growing SVT network (network of fast dieseltrainsets) there was need for this sort of locomotives to relieve the SVT network. As a result the DRG built a couple of streamlined locomotives, these locomotives were entirely covered and the result was a much more streamlined locomotive than the other locomotives. In 1939 they built the first streamlined locomotive, the BR 01.10. The DRG decided to built the BR 03.10 for express trains with speeds over 150 km/h on railway lines with a maximum axle load of 18 ton. The BR 03.10 was a streamlined locomotive. Of the locomotives BR 05 and BR 06 were only built a few examples.

When there came more and more new locomotives in service they began to replace the old former state railway locomotives from the long-distance services. For example locomotives of type BR 17 (Prussian S10) were replaced by the BR 03.

All the information about the locomotives which were running in the long-distance traffic can be found at the locomotives section.