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26,4 m express train coaches

The m-express train coaches are divided into the following categories:

The 26,4 m express train coaches of type "m" are the classical German express train coaches as they are used from the sixties in express trains across whole Germany. The coaches were/are also used in epoch IV and V in InterCity trains. Later many coaches make their comeback in Interregio trains. Also a number of coaches was sold to other countries after many years of service.

With the development of the type "m" coaches started a period of development where until 1979 6000 comparable 26,4 meter express train coaches of type "m" were built in many sorts.

The first new express train coaches appeared in the beginning of the fifties. The presented coachtype was a whole new construction. Until then it was only possible to built coaches with a length of 21 meter. But now they were succeeded to built a coach of 26,4 meter length. The first coach of this new construction was a middle entrance coach meant for passenger trains, this coach was of type "yl". Westwaggon in Cologne built in 1952 the first express train coach of this type. This coach, indicated as type "m" was also 26,4 meter long and was provided with compartments with a sidewalk. It had no middle entrance doors. This was the first prototype of the successful coaches type "m".

From a technical point of view the coaches were not very complex. There were some new developments to see in the interiors, for example the third class had now six upholstered and adjustable seats instead of eight seats. Two seats on the opposite side could be adjusted to one sleeping accommodation. In the second class were in the side walk 10 folding chairs.

The serie delivery of the express train coaches type "m" could divided in two categories, namely coaches of Bauart 1954 and coaches of Bauart 1962. Besides these there were also sleeping coaches and dining coaches built, both types were bought by the DSG, and the post coaches were bought by the Bundespost.